White Rabbit Project

White Rabbit Project is a Netflix Original Series starring Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara, exploring the weirdest sides of science and history.

This job included:

  • Over 1000 individual composites of holographic computer UIs on clear perspex “hologram computer monitors.”
  • Over 100 green screen shots—including shots of rain, trees, helicopters, water, reflections (read: over 100 rotoscoping jobs).
  • Over 2000 graphic sequences.
  • All in 4K.

Some highlights below…


Episode: Where’s My Hoverboard?

Segment: Opener

Treatment: Two rogue girls vandalise a local TV store while chased by a flying police car… allegedly because hoverboards haven’t been invented in a world with flying police cars and brutally overpriced television sets. Involved creating a futuristic city in Cinema 4D, chromakeying and extensive rotoscoping, recreation of the storefront in most shots where visible, hand tracking/rotoing 4-10 TV screens, smoke and particle effects, Optical Flares, all in 4K.











Episode: Invented Before Its Time

Segment: GPS

Treatment: Kari, Grant, and Tory face off to see which generation of navigation is most effective (old timey scrolling map… thing, map book, or GPS). For this, I needed to recreate the navigation app Waze with a 20% deviation to avoid copyright infringement. So this is my user interface: Mapz. It involved recreating a map of the entirety of downtown LA in vector format, laid beneath a faux user interface, and animating it to Tory’s actual route, including accurate directions and distances.








Episode: May the G-Force Be With You

Segment: Opener

Treatment: A gallant knight battles with an evil warlock. 6 shots containing Harry Potter-esque “magic beams” with green fire.