VFX Reel

VFX Reel


White Rabbit Project

I was one of 5 graphics artists and one of 3 visual effects artist for an entire season so there’s a lot of material to sort through and put online. Coming soon.


This is an expressionistic rendering of my mornings. A visual poem of appreciation for the little things–things that can be taken for granted, shown in a new way to encourage a changed perspective, both in myself and others who, too, lose sight of the little things.

TV [Short Film]

Writer/Director: Mitchell Charman
Starring: Michael Godden
Editor/VFX: Mitchell Charman (it was a small production, alright?)
Sound Designer: Andrew Hampton

Exploding Planet

Another promotional image for sci-fi short Xanadu Falls depicting, appropriately, the fall of the planet Xanadu, the home planet of the protagonist Apollo.


Model: Marvelous ‘B’

Shire Farmers’ Market

Logo for the Sutherland Shire’s Farmers’ Market. A common idea: objects of relevance as products around a central tree of production. So I stuck with a colour scheme of not-too-vibrant, light, fresh colours for an extra sensory layer of juiciness.